Saving time & resources by reducing
cost and increasing accuracy in the
IT resources allocation

Pilvi Analytics is a cloud-based solution designed to calculate and reduce the
carbon footprint of a company's software. The company's primary focus is on
efficiency, and its solution is meant to streamline business processes related to
the allocation of IT resources.

Software solution

Pilvi Analytics’s offering is a software solution that, besides the environmental benefits, makes business processes more efficient for employees, reducing costs and increasing accuracy. It offers potential customers an opportunity to automate their IT infrastructure management processes, saving time and resources.

Improve your IT-assets return
and make extra profit
with Pilvi Analytics.
Total economic benefits account
for over 10% of IT-budget

Integrate private & public cloud

We help you with cloud resource planning. with a solution that integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP) (SAP) tools, making it a practical and efficient option for companies that already use this ERP system.

Summary of improvements

Without Pilvi Analytics
With Pilvi Analytics

You have to address to numerous information systems: Business Intelligence (e.g., Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAP Business Objects, Qlik Sense), Asset management (e.g., HP, BMC, Service Now), IT operations management (VMware, Service Now), Data integration buses (Snowflake, Software AG), ERP (SAP, Oracle), Cloud management platforms (AWS, GCP, MS Azure) etc.

You collaborate on any issue within IT resource planning and optimization through a unified user interface that complies with your corporate standards.
The time for the annual IT resource planning shortens from months to just a few days. The time to control consumption and make on-the-go optimizations shortens from weeks to minutes.

You involve data analysts, engineers and expensive professional consulting services to collect, normalize and analyze data needed to forecast, plan and optimize IT-resource consumption.

You save money due to accurate planning and on-the-go optimizations.
You also save time of your high-skilled employees.

You have to pass through planning, approval, compliance and control of your IT-resource orders by using emails, spreadsheets and zoom. You are never 100% sure where your resource orders are stuck and when are completed.

You trace your IT-resource orders at any stage within and between budget cycles.
You efficiently communicate on any issue in the unified environment

Planning, allocation and chargeback of IT-resources raise many issues. To resolve them you spend time on numerous meetings and struggle to achieve consensus across different units of your organization.

You improve collaboration on planning, financing, allocating and optimizing IT resources across your organization.